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Meet The Crew

Andrew Lakey - creator

Hi my name is Andrew Lakey. I am 17 and I am just man with a mission to change people's lives, inspire the community, make kids smile and help them through tough times. I figured that if I could just start out by helping one person at a time I could make a difference slowly but surely all around the world.

As for me personally I am a musician, woodworker and cancer survivor. I was 9 when it all happened and it was no easy task. They had found a brain tumor above my pituitary gland. Part of it was removed and then I started right on chemotherapy. I went to All Children’s Hospital once a week for a day of therapy. It was still very difficult to stay positive through the difficult situations. I prayed a lot, made friends with all the nurse and also tried to come up with fun things to do while I was sitting there. I did some origami, listen to music and just tried not to think about. I finished my chemo in June of 2011 and I have been doing well since then.  

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