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My mission is to put ukuleles into the hands of children that are battling cancer and to remind the community that life is not all about personal happiness. We raise money through fundraisers and donations to give ukuleles and free lessons to kids with cancer. 


In life, there is one thing that you must have when you are going through a difficult time, and that is love and friendship. We have to make sure that when others are going through tough times that we lend a hand because when we are struggling, we would want the same.  



I realize that any group can help pediatric cancer patients with finance. It is very emotionally and mentally difficult to deal with cancer at a young age, and I feel that if I can give kids a ukulele, it can be something to distract them from what they are going through. It can be a reason to smile. Giving away ukuleles may sound arbitrary, but it’s simple. Cancer is a difficult thing to deal with. It involves a lot of pain, confusion, and suffering. There are times where you cannot stop thinking about all the issues going on inside of you. However, there is a way to cope- and that is with music. Music can cure all struggles. It can give you hope to get through the day, the surgery, and the chemo. Giving a cancer patient a free ukulele and free lessons can give them the ability to stay strong.


We show teens that they are not too young to spend their time helping others.

we fundraise

Throughout the year we host events like concerts, talent shows, Chick-fil-A nights, and more to grow our mission and raise money.

We give ukuleles

Our main mission is to provide music to kids going through cancer, and we're starting with ukuleles.

we discuss

We love talking. Sharing stories, provide new ideas, being there for each other, and answering questions. Please don't be afraid to say hello!



The reason that I started this mission is because it is so easy to make someone's day a little happier. A ukulele is a great way to get involved in music, to express emotion, and to try something new.

For only about $45.00, you can purchase a ukulele for a pediatric cancer patient. Due to the fact that we are small, we are only able to give ukuleles one at a time as we get donations and fund-raise. Donate today to help our mission thrive.


Last month I shared about my personal story of cancer and why I decided to start Music Heals Us. 

About Us

Andrew Lakey

Hi, my name is Andrew Lakey. I am 18 years old. It is my goal to help people, inspire the community, make kids smile, and help them through tough times. I figured that if I could just start out by helping one person at a time I could make a difference- slowly but surely, all around the world.

Glen Shubert

Glen Schubert is my mentor who helps me run Music Heals Us. He is the creator of a non-for-profit charity called Instruments of Change. He helps me raise money, plan events, and help these awesome kids!  


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