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My mission is to put ukuleles into the hands of children that are battling cancer and to remind the community that life is not all about personal happiness. In life, there is one thing that you have to have when you are going through a difficult time, and that is love and friendship. We have to make sure that when others are going through tough times that we lend a hand because when we are struggling, we would want the same.  


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I realize that any group can help pediatric cancer patients with finance. What some people do not realize is emotionally and mentally, it is very difficult to deal with cancer at a young age. I feel that if I can give kids a ukulele, it would be something to distract them from the difficulty of what they are going through. It will be a reason to smile. I know that giving away ukuleles sounds random but it’s simple. Cancer is a difficult thing to deal with. It involves a lot of pain, confusion and suffering. There are times where you cannot stop thinking about all the issues going on inside of you. However, the good news is, there is a way to help with coping and that is music. Music can cure all struggles. It can give you hope to get through the day, the surgery, and the chemo. Giving a cancer patient a free ukulele and free lessons can give them the ability to stay strong.

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