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I went to Starbucks on a Sunday in January. It was an average day and I got my usual drink but suddenly something extraordinary happened. I saw a lady who looked like a nurse and she came in with a very old man in a wheel chair. When I looked over at them he was holding up her phone to his ear. I thought he was on the phone. He was blind and seemed sick. A later realized that he had stomach cancer more than once. After he came closer to me when they went to sit down I could hear sounds coming from his phone. When he was close enough I found out it was music. He was playing the song “somewhere over the rainbow” on her Samsung galaxy. He was rocking back in forth as his sad face turns into a huge smile. He was so happy to be listening to that specific song. He clicked around on the screen again when the song ended and it started playing another one. I’m not sure which one it was but it made him rock and sway and snap his fingers. When the nurse walked away I decided to ask her what his name was. He was bobby. He had dealt with lots of cancer. He was blind and deaf and had a lot struggles each and every day but one thing that he was always able to look forward to the amazing cell phone of his nurse. He called it his bible because he thought it was just so beautiful. When I encountered this crazy amazing experience I just thought that I want to give people music to help them through every had day

Starbucks Adventures

This is a story about how I met a man in starbucks that helped inspire me to create Music Heals Us.

My First big Fundraiser

This is the story about my first big fundraiser. I raised $1,100 for the brain tumor foundation. 

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